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Whatever the budget and occasion, our Goldsmith-led advice services make the process of buying beautiful, long-lasting jewellery simple.

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Custom & Co.’s complimentary advice service offers you the advice and expertise of an experienced Goldsmith, enabling you to select the right item for your lifestyle and budget, without the hassle of research and shopping around. 

We recognise that the purchase of an Engagement Ring, Wedding Ring or other occasion jewellery, can be difficult, with so many options it is hard to know where to begin.
Our advice service, led by an expert Goldsmith provides you with trusted advice, so that you can be confident in choosing the perfect symbol of love and commitment.  

Advice Services

Your individual consultation, is completely free, with no spending obligations and lasts approximately 45 minutes.
Your Custom & Co. Goldsmith will take you through all the basics you should consider before purchasing special jewellery, making the process simple, easy and enjoyable, answering any questions you have.

The Advice Service explores four key areas

* Style Design – Style and Design preferences
* Lifestyle Match – Suitable materials and designs to fit your lifestyle
* Perfect Fit – Developing suitable dimensions, shape and fit
* Lifelong Care – Care and maintenance for longevity

Your expert will take you through each key area in a simple and easy to follow process, compiling a ring specification as they get to know your needs and likes.  

Perfect Matching : Incorporated into our Advice Service is our unique 'Perfect Matching' consideration, developed through years of experience in jewellery design and craft. Your experts will consider important factors about how and by whom the jewellery will be worn, allowing them to give their qualified input on increasing the quality of the item, and length of wear specifically for you as an individual.

Your expert will take you through each key area in a simple and easy to follow process, compiling a ring specification as they get to know your needs and likes.

Ben Wells, Director & Head Jeweller

It is easy to order in-store, by email, or over the telephone. We will keep a record of your requirements for you to progress when the time is right. Book An Appointment Today.

Engagement Rings

An engagement ring will probably be one of the bigger investments you will make in your lifetime. Not just in monetary value, but emotional value too, so you want to get it right.
Our Goldsmith’s are a reliable source of knowledge and information. They will show you the whole range of diamond colours, clarity, carat and cut for comparison, providing expert advice along the way, so that you can make confident choices.
With no limited product range to sell, they have complete flexibility to advise exactly what will be best for you. They will guide you in developing a ring specification and design in a simple process, so that you can concentrate on planning the perfect proposal. 

Wedding Rings

Whether it’s a classic wedding band, a ring shaped to sit against another, or a more elaborate design, our expert Goldsmith’s will develop a ring specification and design to suit your lifestyle and budget perfectly.  You will enjoy time as a couple, as your Goldsmith covers all the basic considerations to develop a Wedding Ring specification and design right for you.
With everything Custom-made to order, there is no concern that you will need to shop around leaving you with all the time to focus on planning your wonderful Wedding Day.

Wedding Advice
Engagement Ring Bespoke Ring

On Hand

Ben Wells, Director and Head Jeweller

Our Goldsmith’s will develop the right specification and design, which will not only look beautiful, but will last as long as the commitment it reflects. Your Custom & Co. jewellery will be individually crafted, in our in-store workshop to the exacting quality standards we are known for. Our Lifetime Guarantee* and unrivalled aftercare services will provide you with all the peace of mind you need for your life-long commitment.


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It is advisable to pre-book an appointment, but we will always try to accomodate a drop-by visit where we can.

Case Studies

Patrick's Story

Patrick wanted to experience the special journey of designing an Engagement Ring, together with his partner, but still wanted a romantic gesture for her proposal. Patrick, with advice from his Goldsmith, hand-selected a 0.5 carat emerald cut diamond to make his romantic proposal with in a beautiful box. Patrick and Sarah returned to share their happy news, and chose a beautiful ring design and setting together.

Sharon's Story

Sharon had fallen in love with an image she found of a 19th century talisman design pendant. Her Goldsmith created a unique design to this style, sourcing rough brown diamonds and yellow sapphires to complement the design, as well as incorporating Sharon’s own existing diamond in the centre. She now has her own stunning pendant necklace to cherish, designed and crafted exactly to her specification.

Stephen's Story

Stephen was planning the perfect proposal for his partner. In his Perfect Matching consultation we guided him through the process of finding the right balance of clarity & colour, with his preferred carat size & stone cut to fit his price range. Due to her hands-on profession, her ring was designed & crafted with a higher, smooth setting around the stone for extra protection, enclosing it in a beautiful but practical setting for her.

Becky Friend

"Made my wedding ring to fit perfectly around my engagement ring. It’s so beautiful and I get so many comments on how beautiful it is. Amazing service and I can only hope to return to create a stunning eternity ring when the time is right."

Toni Diane

"Can't recommend enough. I was able to get my beautiful wedding ring made from my dad’s original engagement/wedding band and a piece of my mums gold. The ring is beautiful and so sentimental now. One of a kind, fits my engagement ring perfectly. I love it, can not thank you enough."

Mary Gardner

"Great service and excellent workmanship. My engagement ring has been made to my own requirements and is absolutely beautiful. You get great customer care with fantastic results."

Your Personal Goldsmith

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