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Our expert Goldsmiths are on hand with professional advice and a full-range of in-store services, at your convenience.

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Whether you have invested in a piece of jewellery from Custom & Co., have purchased an item from another retailer, or have jewellery which you have inherited, it often has meaning and sentiment behind it which is irreplaceable. However carefully you care for your item at home, over time a well- loved item requires ongoing professional care and attention.

Our Goldsmiths have been crafting jewellery for decades. The experience they have working with the fine materials that make up your jewellery item, and making pieces from scratch, means that no one is better equipped to advise and care for your item than they are.


We are able to offer a number of services, with advice from our experts, which will restore and maintain your jewellery’s look, so that it is as finely finished as the day it was purchased. 

When you have invested in a quality piece of jewellery, it is important to maintain the look, to have that quality show through. Cherish services are sometimes available whilst you wait, for the ultimate convenience.

Every piece made by Custom & Co. is covered by a Lifetime Guarantee*. In the unlikely event of a manufacturers fault, your item will be restored to premium quality.

Ben Wells, Director & Head Jeweller


If there is damage or disrepair to your jewellery item this can be a stressful time, jewellery often has a large amount of sentimental value as well as monetary value after all. 

The skill, knowledge and premium craftsmanship of our Goldsmiths is on-hand, to assess your item and advise you directly on how they can restore it to it’s original condition.  

Your item will be treated with the same importance that it has to you, in our in-store workshop, and repaired with care at your convenience.  


Sometimes alterations are necessary as time passes, to allow you to continue to wear a loved item.  As with all of our aftercare services, alterations are undertaken on-site by our Master craftsmen, with only the best care and attention to ensure the job is done well. Alteration services can sometimes be undertaken while you wait, for your convenience.


Every piece made by Custom & Co. is covered by a Lifetime Guarantee*. In the unlikely event of a manufacturers fault, your item will be restored to premium quality.

Dedicated To You
Dedication & Craft


Aftercare services are far superior at Custom & Co than those found on the High street.

You have direct access to the Goldsmith for immediate expert assessment and advice and you can feel at ease as your item is worked on in our store-based workshop. The time taken to undertake workmanship is far shorter here where there is no outsourcing, and some services are even available whilst you wait.






Complementary Services

We recommend you visit regularly for a complementary craftsmen inspection and clean.  Our recommendations can avoid costly damage or loss.

Case Studies

Jennifer's Story

Jennifer popped in to store for her regular complementary clean and inspection.  Over time, she had not noticed the metal of her ring getting dull through general wear and tear, but her Goldsmith pointed it out and recommended a professional polish service. The service was undertaken whilst she had coffee with a friend and when Jennifer returned to collect her ring she was amazed at the noticeable pristine finish the ring now had, just like new.

Madeline's Story

When Madeline’s mother passed away, she inherited her most treasured jewellery items, items she had worn daily, but which were not of a style Madeline would wear.  Through the consultation process, Madeline’s dedicated Goldsmith worked with her to re-model her own precious engagement ring to include two of her mother’s diamonds.  Madeline was so pleased to be able to incorporate memories of her mother into her own meaningful item.

Lorna's Story

Over time Lorna’s well-loved eternity ring required enlargement.  Her expert Goldsmith fully discussed a number of approaches to achieve this.  Having worn the ring every day for over 30 years, and with the sentimental value it held, she hadn’t been keen to part with it for long.  Our in-store professional advice and services gave her the confidence she needed to leave the ring in our hands, and it was returned to her in a matter of days, having been cleaned and polished too. 

Della Green

"An amazing job of adding a stone into the band of my eternity ring in order to enlarge it. I thought I’d have to take it to London to be done and wasn’t even sure it would be possible. You are a true craftsman and we highly recommend you."

Faye Snowden

"The diamond in my engagement ring became loose so I popped in to have it fixed. Greeted by great service and within half an hour I was able to collect my engagement ring fixed, cleaned & polished. Great service, reasonable pricing and offered advice how best to care for the diamond & platinum band."

Rebecca Budkiewicz

"I had my gold wedding ring combined with a ruby & diamond pendant of my nans, I could not be happier! It’s absolutely perfect and I cannot stop looking at it, it is a work of art. I love that it is completely unique and I can carry my nan around with me. Wonderful people, amazing service."

Haven Le-Core

"When a diamond in my engagement ring had fallen out I took it to Ben. He had replaced the diamond and soldered the gold around the diamond perfectly. I’ve picked it up today and am overjoyed with the result."

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