4 May 2021

How to choose the right Wedding Ring for you (and avoid costly mistakes)

4 May 2021

3 Top Tips Straight from the Goldsmith

You’ve scrolled Pinterest, browsed websites, maybe even done a bit of window shopping but whilst plenty of Wedding Rings look the part, how do you know which Wedding Ring will last the test of time required from this sentimental piece? These simple tips straight from the Goldsmith will help you select the right Wedding Ring to avoid costly repair work and burdening maintenance services.

1. Match the metal of your Engagement Ring

There is more to matching rings than what the eye sees - ring material is important here. Wearing two differing metals alongside each other will cause excessive wear on the softer ring due to the daily impact caused by the harder of the two counterparts. Levels of hardness vary in every metal and even differ in the variations of 18carat Golds and 9 Carat Golds. Matching like to like metals will protect the look and structure of your Wedding Ring for years to come.

2. Select the ring for your lifestyle

Regular activities such as your hobbies and profession should be in high consideration when you choose your perfect ring. The style will inevitably be important - you might chose a nice flat but round edged court shaped Wedding Ring if you are the sporty type. But the material will also matter here too. You will want to avoid 9 carat Yellow Gold if you are hands-on in life. Finding a hard-wearing ring won’t mean you are bound to a pricey Platinum Ring, there are other great alternatives in different budget ranges which could be right for you.

3. Consider the Jewellery Care

Your ring will be worn every day and inevitably it will require some jewellery maintenance along the way to keep it in good condition. Engraved Wedding Rings, diamonds and fine details require a bit more attention to stay good as new. And there are differences in metal care too. For example maintaining the white bright look of a White Gold ring requires a professional clean and polish (rhodium-plating) service approx every 1 - 2 years. If you are looking for something low maintenance you should pick a ring with after-care in mind.


Led by professional Goldsmith’s, Custom & Co. have developed our Perfect Match advisory consultation to cover all the key considerations for creating a forever ring. Our complimentary service has helped hundreds of couples like you to develop the ring specification right for them.

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