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Questions we are frequently asked.

If you have any others, please get in touch.


What is Custom & Co.’s ‘Perfect Matching’?

‘Perfect Matching’ is a consultation process unique to Custom & Co. Undertaken by your own dedicated Goldsmith, it is a process of exploration into the requirements and tastes of the ‘wearer’ as well as an opportunity to get to know some important factors about the individual such as their profession and leisure activities, which allow our professionals to give tailored advice around the suitability of certain specification features and work on developing an item perfect for the individual, with longer-wear.

How is my jewellery piece priced?

Due to the individual specification of every piece of jewellery, the price is calculated singularly and a quotation will be provided at the close of the consultation meeting or soon after.  

Price is based on two factors, the market price of any required material supplies on the day the order is confirmed and deposit paid, as well as the craftsmanship time required to create the item. 

This flexible pricing strategy, offers the customer the best value item for the premium quality they receive.

I want to propose an engagement, but I am unsure what styles my partner would like, what options do I have?

It is increasingly commonplace for couples to choose an engagement ring together after the proposal. Choosing to do this, does not mean that there can be no glistening surprise when you propose of course. We offer you the opportunity to purchase a centre diamond, to be presented at proposal, and later incorporated into an engagement ring chosen together in our ‘perfect matching’ consultation. Alternatively, we are able to make a beautiful silver and cubic zirconia ring for your loved one as a proposal and early engagement piece, which can be kept and treasured as part of your proposal memories. 

Do I have to have an intricate design to purchase from Custom & Co.?

Not at all, we make many plain Wedding Bands for customers and offer the exact same personal service. The beauty in our personal services is that you can tell us exactly what you want even if that is a simple plain metal band, our goldsmith’s will help you to consider the metal type, the profile, and width for example in context of your lifestyle and profession, to ensure it is a perfect match for you and will put the same care and attention and same quality standards into crafting your band as any other piece of jewellery. You will also benefit from our lifetime guarantee, and superior aftercare services.

Can I have a ring made to fit around my engagement ring?

Fit with other jewellery, is something naturally considered by our Goldsmith’s in our ‘perfect matching’ consultation process. The fit next to another ring is very important in the creation of a perfect ring and there are a number of ways to achieve this, which your Goldsmith will discuss with you.

Can I use my own materials in an item?

Existing jewellery can be melted down and made into a new piece of jewellery. You often get a lot less gold than you expect when melting down, and it can be difficult to avoid tiny bubbles which form in the gold when heating. It is on occasion more expensive than buying gold, due to the time involved, but it can be a great ethical option as it means that no new mining has taken place in the creation, and can also ensure that you maintain the sentiment of an item which you wanted to keep but was not to your taste.

We are also happy to use your own gem stones in a new piece, which is often a lovely way of incorporating sentimental items into new jewellery


Do I need any prior experience?

None at all. Our expert jeweller will take their time to teach you and guide you through the whole process. It is our promise that you will take home wedding rings which meet the same strict standards which we apply to rings crafted by a Custom & Co. craftsman, that will stand the test of time and be covered by our lifetime guarantee.*

Are there restrictions on the ring I can make?

Couples crafting their own Wedding Rings will experience the same superior flexibility in specification. You will be able to have the ring you desire, having determined the specification through our ‘perfect matching’ consultation with a dedicated Goldsmith, however there may be some elements of the making which will need to be undertaken following the Experience day by our professionals. Your Goldsmith will advise you of any elements where this applies, and generally this is where couple would like diamonds or other gems set in the ring. Rings can be made in platinum, gold (including white gold or rose gold, and carat weights of 9ct, 14ct, or 18ct), or palladium metal. And rings can be any style; court shaped, D shaped or flat for example. We can even guide you to make a shaped wedding ring to fit around an engagement ring.

Can I have my ring engraved?

Yes, rings can be hand-engraved or laser-engraved depending on the finish you want. This will be undertaken by a professional following the workshop.

Will the rings be hallmarked?

Items will be stamped as a matter of course in-store, to mark the metal type of the rings.

If couples wish for the rings to be hallmarked by a UK Assay Office to give official metal authenticity, we will arrange to send them to the Assay office following the workshop. Jewellery is usually processed through the Assay Office and returned to us within 3 working days, however this can vary slightly. The cost of hallmarking will be confirmed in the consultation process but is usually around £40 per ring.

How long will the experience last?

Workshops are a one day experience, they start at 9am and usually last until around 3pm. However, we want to ensure you are happy with your rings so if you need a little longer on the day, that is fine by us.

When can I attend an Experience Day?

Experience Days are available Monday - Saturday throughout the year, subject to availability.

Saturdays are undoubtedly the most popular day and get booked up fast. Contact us today to arrange a consultation meeting, and enquire about Experience Day availability.

Do I need to bring anything along to the Experience Day?

No, you should wear closed toe shoes and tie back long hair for health and safety reasons, however safety goggles and an apron will be provided.

How much will the Experience cost?

It often surprises couples to find that it works out a similar price overall to make their own wedding rings in our Experience day, as it does to buy the rings ready-made.

There are two elements to the price you will pay. This is made up of the cost of the workshop experience and the cost of the materials and any extras to make and finish the rings.

Workshop experience cost:

The workshop experience costs £250.

Material Costs:

The requirements and cost of the materials will be discussed and agreed in your ‘Perfect Matching’ consultation meeting held prior to the Experience day. These vary depending on what is required to make your desired rings.

Metal prices will be based on the market price on that day, but below details will give you a rough idea of metal costs for one 3mm and one 6mm plain wedding band, based on today’s market price (17/11/2016).

• Gold (9ct)- £855

• Gold (18ct)- £1900

• Platinum - £1900

• Palladium - £850

Diamonds or other gem stones will also incur additional costs.

Please refer to FAQs regarding engraving and hallmarking for information in regards to these finishing touches.

Can I take photographs?

Some of our couples invite their Wedding photographer for a small part of the day to capture their special moments as the start of their Wedding journey. We welcome couples to do this, or will capture these special moments for you if agreed prior to the Experience Day.

Is there an age restriction on this experience?

We are unable to invite anyone below the age of 18 to attend the experience for health and safety reasons.

How do I book an experience?

Please fill out our online form to book an appointment for a ‘perfect matching’ consultation and we will contact you to discuss Experience day availability and confirm a consultation date.

When you want to proceed with the booking you will need to pay the full workshop experience cost to secure the experience day, but the material and any costs for extras (engraving/hallmarking) can be paid on the day of the workshop.

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