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From discovering the 'perfect match' in our Advice Services, to meticulous crafting, our expert Goldsmiths work with you to create a perfect jewellery item.

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Custom-Made in store to your requirements, with no compromise.

Whether you would like to incorporate sentimental diamonds, replicate a specific style, or even have a classic wedding band in mind, there is full flexibility with our bespoke services.

Expert advice from in-store Goldsmiths and individual craftsmanship, ensures that every item from the simplest design to the most complex design is of highest quality. And for your complete confidence, every item is covered by our lifetime guarantee.

Advice Services

Our in-store expert Goldsmiths are on hand with trusted advice in our complimentary Advice Service. Make the process of discovering the perfect jewellery specification, simple, easy and enjoyable, and discover your 'perfect match'. Find out more on our dedicated Advice Service page.

In-store workshop

Every piece of Custom & Co. jewellery is individually crafted for our customer, in our in-store workshop. For you, this means that you are able to have a completely personal experience, hand-selecting a stone, or viewing your item at various stages of its making and gaining an understanding of the dedication and skill being exercised to ensure that every detail is perfect for you.  

What’s inside counts

Ensuring all of our craftsmanship is undertaken by our own Goldsmiths in our UK stores, allows us to have a much higher degree of ethical control of our jewellery. We work closely with our material suppliers to ensure these ethics start at the source and that the materials we use come from a responsible source. If your perfect piece is one of the highest ethical credential, we are able to advise on a number of additional features to your specification, such as the use of Fairtrade Certified metal, or the reuse of your own gem stones.

Shaped Wedding Rings

A Shaped Wedding Ring will provide the perfect fit against your Engagement Ring. No matter your preferred Wedding Ring style, our experts will provide you advice to achieve a shape which will compliment your Engagement Ring perfectly. As all of our rings are expertly crafted in-store, we guarantee that your cherished Engagement Ring will not be sent off to a third party, and that you won't be parted with it for any longer than necessary.

Bespoke Design


Ben Wells, Director and Head Jeweller

When you invest in a piece of jewellery, it often has meaning and sentiment behind it which is irreplaceable. The quality craftsmanship of our jewellery is the strong foundation of beholding an item to be treasured a lifetime, however we recognise that over time, a well- loved item, requires ongoing care and attention.

Every item we craft is covered by a lifetime guarantee*, as such a skilled Goldsmith will fully inspect your item on a regular basis to ensure the quality craftsmanship is maintained, and your item can preserve it’s perfectly finished look. In-store our Master Goldsmith’s are always available to provide you with any guidance or advice that you require, and offer a full range of professional aftercare services at your convenience.


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Case Studies

Patrick’s Story

Patrick wanted to experience the special journey of designing an Engagement Ring, together with his partner, but still wanted a romantic gesture for her proposal. Patrick, with advice from his Goldsmith, hand-selected a 0.5 carat emerald cut diamond to make his romantic proposal with in a beautiful box. Patrick and Sarah returned to share their happy news, and chose a beautiful ring design and setting together.

Sharon’s Story

Sharon had fallen in love with an image she found of a 19th century talisman design pendant. Her Goldsmith created a unique design to this style, sourcing rough brown diamonds and yellow sapphires to complement the design, as well as incorporating Sharon’s own existing diamond in the centre. She now has her own stunning pendant necklace to cherish, designed and crafted exactly to her specification.

Stephen’s Story

Stephen was planning the perfect proposal for his partner. In his Perfect Matching consultation we guided him through the process of finding the right balance of clarity & colour, with his preferred carat size & stone cut to fit his price range. Due to her hands-on profession, her ring was designed & crafted with a higher, smooth setting around the stone for extra protection, enclosing it in a beautiful but practical setting for her.

Becky Friend

"Made my wedding ring to fit perfectly around my engagement ring. It’s so beautiful and I get so many comments on how beautiful it is. Amazing service and I can only hope to return to create a stunning eternity ring when the time is right."

Toni Diane

"Can't recommend enough. I was able to get my beautiful wedding ring made from my dad’s original engagement/wedding band and a piece of my mums gold. The ring is beautiful and so sentimental now. One of a kind, fits my engagement ring perfectly. I love it. Cannot thank you enough."

Mary Gardner

"Great service and excellent workmanship. My engagement ring has been made to my own requirements and is absolutely beautiful. You get great customer care with fantastic results."

Taralyn Heytens

"Ben made the most stunning engagement and wedding ring which were made from my fiancé’s drawings. I would recommend Ben to everyone. He is not only talented but professional, honest and friendly too."

Lita Towner

"Ben upcycled my three separate solitaire rings and made one stunning ring, I am so so pleased and simply can’t recommend him enough."

Kirsten Hanger

"Made my engagement ring and I was speechless, everything I asked for and more, I was totally over the moon with it."

Hannah Rochelle

"This is the most amazing jewellers! He couldn’t help me enough, did an amazing ring to fit around my wedding ring with no problem at all."

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