Our guarantee covers your Custom & Co. manufactured jewellery item in the unlikely event that a manufacturing fault should occur and all items are guaranteed for a lifetime.

In order to maintain cover under our lifetime guarantee, you will need to bring your item to Custom & Co. for inspection every six months. You will be issued with a Guarantee card on purchasing your item, please make sure to bring this Guarantee card along with your purchase. Our Goldsmith will inspect your jewellery checking for damage and faults and clean your item free of charge.  

Following inspection our jeweller will advise you on any repairs required. In order to maintain cover under our lifetime guarantee, any routine repair work advised during the inspection must be undertaken immediately.

Terms & Conditions

This guarantee cannot be used without the original receipt and is valid only from the date of purchase as demonstrated on purchase receipt. This guarantee does not cover items made from, or incorporating, materials provided by the customer nor does it cover items where a risk in manufacturing has been advised and documented during the consultation process and accepted by the customer in writing. Materials provided by the customer includes but is not limited to metal and gemstones. This guarantee is not transferable. All required repair work as advised in inspections must be undertaken by a Custom & Co. jeweller.  If repair work is not undertaken immediately upon inspection, the lifetime guarantee becomes invalid from this date of inspection. If repair work is undertaken by any persons or company other than Custom & Co., the lifetime guarantee becomes invalid as of the date of this undertaking. This guarantee does not cover work undertaken by any jeweller other than Custom & Co. This guarantee does not cover defects arising from repairs effected by any other company. This guarantee does not cover theft, accidental loss or damage caused by misuse/neglect or normal wear and tear and is limited to its specific terms and conditions. This guarantee does not cover costs of recommended routine repairs nor does it cover any recommended rhodium plating or the cost associated. This guarantee does not in any way affect your statutory rights.

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