Link of Love

We're delighted to be working with Gift of a Wedding Charity, a UK based charity that supports terminally ill couples.

About Gift of a Wedding Charity
The idea for Gift of a Wedding came to its founder in 2011. Patricia Harrison, a wedding planner at the time, offered to plan the wedding of a terminally ill man, aged 27, who had recently discovered that he only had 14 months to live. The groom's dream day had to be planned in a matter of months due to the severity of his illness and to complicate things even further, he did not have the funds to create the special day he had always dreamed of. Lack of money was not going to stop Patricia creating his perfect day, so she decided to ask and encouraging wedding and hospitality professionals to donate their time and services totally free of charge to make sure the couples dream day became a reality. Amazingly, she was able to get everything the groom wanted and more for his memorable day.

After realising that his case was not unique, Patricia set out researching the possibility of starting a charity that had the sole purpose of gifting weddings to terminally ill people in the UK. In 2012, Patricia made the charity her main mission and together with her team of dedicated volunteers has gifted over 200 weddings since.
Gift of a Wedding does not receive any charitable funding, but instead relies on donations and the support of the Great British public to keep its promise of “Fulfill wedding dreams and creating life long memories” for couples dealing with terminal and life-limiting illnesses in the UK.

The ‘Link of Love’ Jewellery Collection is exclusive to Custom & Co Jewellery. Each piece is crafted from the finest sterling silver, with options for gold, white gold, palladium and Platinum. To add an extra special touch you can personalise your ring with a gemstone, making it a perfect gift.

Patricia Harrison, founder of Gift of a Wedding comments: “We are delighted to have Custom and Co’s support through this fabulous collaboration. We’re so grateful for the support that Custom & Co have given to Gift of a wedding and the families we support and for capturing the essence of the charity so perfectly within this ring.”

The ‘Link of Love’ charity ring is available for £19.99 ( + £4 postage) online with 50% of the proceeds being donated to support the charity’s work, to helping bring joy, love and happiness to those with a terminal or life-limiting illness.

The ring is available in various metals, see below: ( Please email us if you would like to order a ring that is not in Silver)

  • Sterling Silver - £19.99 (Available to purchase online)
  • 9ct Gold - £157
  • 18ct Gold - £400
  • 18ct Rose Gold - £500
  • 9ct White Gold - £160
  • 18ct White Gold - £600
  • Palladium - £635
  • Platinum - £430

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