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Your baby's precious details captured in beautiful jewellery for life. Our expert goldsmiths meticulously hand-finish every pair to perfection.

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Hold onto those priceless early memories with a unique piece of jewellery that will last a lifetime.

At Custom & Co. we know how important and treasured those precious early months are. As parents ourselves, we know all too well how quickly they grow up, but we always have memories. Bring those memories to life in a beautiful hand-crafted and striking piece of jewellery that will help you vividly remember those tiny toes.

We have a very unique and unobtrusive approach to creating our baby feet pendants. Crafted from a photo of your child’s feet, we can capture every detail, from the bend of the arch to the wrinkling of the heel. Traditionally, capturing this level of detail has only been possible through casting your child’s feet. Our approach delivers this detail from a simple photograph. So, whether your child is newborn or has flown the nest, you still have a chance to bring the memory to life simply from a photo.

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Each piece is handcrafted, using the latest technology to capture every fine line by our skilled Goldsmiths. We can only create up to eight pendants a month, so if you are ordering as a gift, ensure you secure one of our limited monthly spots to avoid disappointment.

Add precious Gem stones to your pendant or select an alternative precious metal, with our bespoke services you have full control.

Ben Wells, Director & Head Jeweller

The Process

Crafting your baby feet pendant is an 6-8 week process from when the images are supplied;

*Take/find a photo of your baby’s feet in good light and a position that shows the feet clearly.

*Submit your photo and order request to

*Our Goldsmith will be in contact to discuss any personalised requirements such as the addition of gems or engravings

*We will create a digital design of your child’s feet which is then printed using the latest technology to form detailed moulds and later cast to create   the special pendant.

*Our skilled goldsmith will hand-finish the pendant, applying the highest attention to detail for a truly perfect piece of jewellery.

To Order

Encapsulate those newborn moments for life with a truly unique pendant, hand-crafted with love and made especially for you.

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Baby Feet Treasured
Cherishing Baby Memories

Tiny Toes

February Introductory offer

To celebrate the introduction of the beautiful Baby Feet Jewellery range, orders made in February will be at the special introductory price of £1045 for a silver pendant necklace. (normal price £1445). Book Now




The Perfect gift

The perfect gift for someone special, if you would like to purchase Baby Feet Jewellery as a gift you can submit a photo or book a slot to be held by emailing

Case Studies

Sam & Ali's Story

Sam and Ali love to experience unique things together as a couple. They were thrilled to be able to experience the craft of Goldsmithing together, whilst creating rings with personality reflecting who they are as a couple. Our photographer was there to capture some special moments for them throughout the day, to start their Wedding album. They enjoyed the day, making time for fun whilst they crafted, and were thrilled with the professional-standard Wedding bands they exchanged on their Wedding Day which even have special hidden symbols inside, meaningful only to them.

Caroline & Ian’s Story

Caroline and Ian wanted to make their commitment to marriage with simple Wedding bands. In the ‘perfect matching’ consultation, their dedicated Goldsmith supported them in selecting the perfect look and finish, as well as a suitable material for each, taking into consideration everything required for long-lasting rings. Once designed, the couple cherished a special day together, using their own photographer to document the day in the workshop. They both adore that they have wedding rings which will hold special meaning forever, having made them for each other.

Lorraine & Trevor’s Story

Through Lorraine’s ‘perfect matching’ consultation we designed the perfect diamond Wedding band shaped to fit around her Engagement ring. She hadn’t been able to find a ring to fit right anywhere else. Lorraine, having crafted some silver jewellery in previous times, relished the idea of crafting her own shaped Wedding band. Trevor, joined her for a day in the workshop whilst Lorraine experienced the craft of Goldsmithing and learnt new skills and techniques, crafting her own perfect band. Our experts set beautiful diamonds in the band following her workshop and she treasures her ring and her experience with fond memories.

Ola Jordan

"I love my baby feet necklace, having Ella’s tiny toes made into a piece of jewellery is so special and something I will treasure forever. I really enjoyed working with Custom & Co. to create such a unique pendant and the process was so simple and easy. It’s the perfect way to hold onto those precious early memories."

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